Awards Received by the Gold-Diggers
Certificate of Commendation from the Mayor of the City of Coral Gables
Proclamation from the Mayor of the City of South Miami
Proclamation from the Mayor of the City of Miami

    WHEREAS: The City of Miami salutes community non-profit organizations as the heart of our system, using their expertise, time and generosity in elevating the quality of life of our citizens; and    
    WHEREAS: Gold-Diggers, Inc., a Florida non-profit organization with the two-fold purpose of sharing a passion for the theater and a commitment to making a difference in medical or social life crises, has dedicated twenty-five years to using the creativity and exceptional talent of its membership to write, produce and stage critically acclaimed cabaret productions whose profits have sustained financial support of $1,000,000 for designated local charities; and    
    WHEREAS: The brainchild of seven Miami women whose love of show business led to their unwavering commitment to produce quality musical performances, year after year, Gold-Diggers, Inc. awards the proceeds of the group's extraordinary efforts to a primary charity--the Southern Florida Chapter of the Leukemia Society of America-- and to other groups --the Food for Life Network, the Blood Bank at Miami Children's Hospital, or the Comprehensive AIDS Program of the University of Miami School of Medicine; and    
    WHEREAS: It is fitting and appropriate that the City of Miami, on behalf of our citizens, join the Executive Board of Gold-Diggers, Inc. in celebration of this twenty-five milestone and, herewith, hail the production of "The Great Escape," the 2002 rendition of rhythmic and spellbinding musical revues performed out of love for the delicious vigor and vitality of the stage show and in a genuine belief in charitable service and thoughtful philantropy:    
    NOW, THEREFORE: I, Manuel A. Diaz, Major of the City of Miami, Florida, do hereby proclaim Friday, the fifteenth day of March in the year two thousand and two, as    
    In Observance Thereof: I call upon all residents of the City of Miami to join me in the celebration of the Silver Anniversary of this important theatrical initiative designed to elevate the quality of life in our community through a focus on spirited creativity on stage and selfless generosity in charity.    
    In Witness Whereof: I hereunto set my hand and cause the seal of the City of Miami to be affixed.    
    Done: In the Office of the Major of the City o Miami, Florida. March 15, 2002.    

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2009-2011 Show Photography by Robert Klemm
1991-2008 Show Photography by Onelia Gaffney, Betty Gaffney
and "Gold-Digger Family".

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